Bucks County, PA

More about my Beans and Hough Quaker lines:

My mother, Ethel BEANS was Born 11 Dec 1901. She passed away 4 Jun 1953 In Baltimore Maryland, She is buried with her parents in FOREST GROVE, PENNSYLVANIA. Her husband, my father, Joseph Wilmer Skill married first Anna Lee, and then second Ethel who managed to give birth and put up with and raise me. Later he married again to his 3rd wife, Helen Chekanski.

Grandparents-Second Generation:
My Mother's Father was Samuel S BEANS born 29 Jun 1862. He died in Trenton, New Jersey but is buried in FOREST GROVE, PENNSYLVANIA.
His wife was Esther S APPLETON "Essie" born 11 Feb 1867. She also died in Trenton, New Jersey November 19, 1931 and is buried in Pennsylvania with her husband. The home of Samuel S. and Esther Appleton-Beans in Pennsylvania is now owned by a nice couple named Gabbe The home continues to retain the original charm of this great country place.

Continuing on to my Great Grandparents, Generation 3:

Henry Hough BEANS was my paternal Great Grandfather born 20 Jan 1833 and passed away 3 Nov 1910 from heart disease. Note: he carried his Mother's maiden name, Hough. Elizabeth STINTSMAN was his wife. She was born 25 Nov 1837 and passed away 29 DEC 1887.


Now for some of my other lines including my mother and grandparents with Samuel Beans and the Schmalz family with Watson Beans,- Samuel's brother. Watson's daughter, Ida Julia married Charlie Schmalz. Charlie was a Tinsmith who also made Stain Glass Windows. He was originally from Budapest, Hungary.

Here are the Appletons:


Alfred APPLETON was my maternal Great Grandfather born 14 Jun 1826. (see picture on left)

He died 30 Mar 1904 and is buried in Forest Grove Cemetery in Forest grove, Pa.
Mary Anna COOPER his wife was born 1 Sep 1830. She died 5 Sep 1892.

Alfred's parents were John Appleton (?-?) and Mary B. 1800-? (sorry, no dates for John here)

A daughter of Samuel Beans and Esther Appleton, Ethel Appleton-Beans (1901-1953) married Joseph Wilmer Skill (1873-1961) Her twin sister died at 9 months of age.


My Great Great Grandparents!
Joseph BEANS was born about 1798. He died April 7, 1871 in Buckingham PA.
His wife was Mary HOUGH thus merging in the Houghs (phonetically pronounced "Huff").

14 Jordon COOPER.
15 Matilda.

Note: The Hough's were prolific and are well researched. If you want more on that line please check other sites.

A helpful related genealogy site with over 21,000 ancestors and original Hough letters

Generation 5:
Joshua BEANS was born 1762. He died 6 APR 1851. He was a war hero!
His wife was Elizabeth MERIDETH.

Joseph HOUGH was born in 1757. He died in 1796.
His wife was Rebecca Radcliffe.

Generation 6:
William BEANS Jr. was born Sep 9, 1721. He died 23 May 1811 in Buckingham.
His wife was Sara RICE.

Joseph HOUGH was born 20 Jul 1722 or 1730 in Bucks County, PA. He died in 1748 or 1777 in Loudon County, Virginia.
His wife was Mary THOMPKINS. Who was born 1736 and died 8 Aug 1811 in or 1748.

The Beans line is reputedly tracable back to include Donald Bane, King of Scotland a,k,a Donald the White plus an entire line of Scottish and Irish Kings.

Hurray for all our ancestors!!!

We walk in their footsteps.

Click here to learn about the Beans family heritage named Indian Springs Farm !!!

We have a special page listing those who attended Beans family Reunions.

Are your folks on those lists? See if you can find them. Those who attended in 1960 are on typed lists. The earlier records are handwritten, released here for the first time!

Mysterious Names

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The following poem is published by Linda Skill with permission

Heart of Scotland

The proud Atholl Palace Hotel,

Held safe in the heart of Scotland

Near Ben-Y-Vrakie’s pine clad pile,

Welcomes travellers to rest awhile

As we Woods’ trippers now know well.


The forest setting of this place,

Set deep in the heart of Scotland,

Fed by pure water, air and light,

And with wild charm and gentle grace

Serves to excite souls with delight.


At this quiet restful venue

From freshest fruit, fowl, fish and meat

Grown deep in the heart of Scotland

Their Chef cooks a varied menu

With each mouthful a tasty treat.


So thank you Robert for your skills

Driving round Lochs and Highland hills

And to the Atholl’s patient staff,

All helpful, yet good for a laugh

In Pitlochry, heart of Scotland.



Copyright Ronald Rodger Caseby, Pitlochry, 01/09/2006.

Note: A “Thank you” poem from Ron and Eveline Caseby to Robert Tilbury of Woods Travel, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, England, who was our coach driver on their ‘Heart of Scotland’ tour, and also to the efficient staff of the Atholl Palace Hotel, Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland, for a pleasant stay in Room 241 from 28/08/2006 to 02/09/2006.


The Schmalz family (above)

Schmalz family pictures (below)

Jerome Schmalz 5ft 9inches tall


- - - - - - -

The Appletons:

Alfred Appleton


George Appleton


Louis Appleton, son of Fred & Alice