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From: J. Warren <jtaftwarren@pacifier.com>
Subject: Norman Beans Family
To: no1rosemom@yahoo.com
Date: Friday, October 10, 2008, 10:57 PM

My husband's uncle, William Archibald Knowles, was married to Elizabeth (Betty) Mary Beans. Betty was the daughter of Norman and Edith Moss Beans and I believe Norman was the son of Stacy B. and Mary Elizabeth Beans. In Uncle Archie's papers/photographs that we inherited following his death were photographs of the Beans family and also some personal items. Archie and Betty never had children, but Betty had a sister, Margaret Beans Young, who I believe had children.

I would very much like to get in touch with someone who might know who Margaret Young's children are, and then hopefully contact her children. Following is a list of the photographs that are in our possession:

Beans Family Reunion at Hartsville, Pennsylvania, December 25, 1917. Persons in photograph: Herbert Jamison, Norman Beans, Edith M. Beans, John C. Beans, Bessie Beans, Will Jamison, Laura B. Taylor, Howard E. Taylor, Anna B. Jamison, Henry Jamison, Margaret C. Beans, Elizabeth M. Beans, Walter Beans, Mary P. Beans, Byron Beans, Walter Beans, Jr. In center: Stacy B. Beans and Mary Elizabeth Beans. (Norman Beans sister was Laura B. Taylor.)

Photos of Mary Elizabeth Beans, Grandmother Moss, Aunt Laura and Uncle Howard Taylor, Margaret B. Young, Thomas Moss, and several pictures of Edith Moss.

If you have any knowledge of Margaret Beans Young's children, I would very much appreciate your getting in touch with me.

Thank you for your assistance,

Jennifer Warren
Vancouver, WA


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I am the No1Rosemom. That has been my name for a long time. I am also known as "Linda." Genealogy is my hobby, I love tracking down my ancestors. Luckily, my friends help by working with web sites. If you are interested in past comments you may wish to visit my old MESSAGE BOARD.

Before I continue, let me mention just a few key contributors: One does not do this all alone. Diane Razler, and Doris Kennedy-(descendants from Samuel), Jim Cheeseman, my original web master mistress, Wanda, known as "Comforte 57".

My current Web Master is, Paul Porter. His son Dan provides inexpensive server space via the Twinwolf Technology Group.

An extra special thank you to all of my Beans Family Relatives and David Callahan of the Newtown ,Pa. Historic Society.

They all deserve special mention. Without them, my research and these pages would not be possible.

I have a special interest. This site has been built in the hopes of matching up some names with some "Mystery Photographs". It is my hope that perhaps some relatives or friends of some of the people in the old photographs may recognize them or find a genealogical link. The photographs belonged to my mother, Ethel Beans Skill, and her brother, Leonardo List Beans, who are of Scottish ancestry.

Other spellings of the Beans name include: Bains, Baines, Bayne, Bayn, Baine, and Bane.

Very few of the photos have names or dates on them, I have included when possible, names, dates, and who and where the photographers were.

Most of the photos were taken in the late 1800's through the 1940's.

Many were taken by various photographers in the Northeast US, mainly New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Hopefully someone will find a link with their own genealogy.

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My No1Rosemom.net genealogy website will continue to grow. Please don't be confused. No1Rosemom.com, was my original site. That site is locked and can no longer be updated. That site continues to exist but this one contains more up to date information.

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(Sorry this Reunion has past but it will give you the idea.)

141st Annual San Francisco Caledonian Club's Scottish Highland Games and Gathering is the true name of the event. It is held at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, which are near the junction of Hwy 580 & 680, Pleasanton, California.

This is the largest Scottish games and gathering in the WORLD, not just North America. It is, I believe, the oldest in the Nation and one of the oldest in the world, having been held, without interruption since the end of the American Civil War.

There are also accomodations on the grounds --- RV or tent, should folks need or want to avail themselves of a lessor rate to attend from afar (or near!) We who camp on the grounds are generally piped to sleep at night ... and to waken in the morning. Camping is available Thurs thru Sunday nights. Make your reservations as early as possible as space fills up and many of us have reserved spots when attending last year, as is our annual habit.

Will the clan be holding your usual catered dinner in the campground area on Saturday night? (yes) (the clan is well known in California for its hospitality and Clan Feast at selected Scottish Games)

Website for the "Callie" Club: http://www.caledonian.org/

Direct link to the Games web site: http://www.caledonian.org/games.html#frm Clicking links on the main site, instead of using the direct link will retain the frame view that has links to camping, accomodations and other information.

If you have never attended this event, you have really missed something! Do plan to come join in the fun this year.

Yours Aye, Lauren

geanologyPlease leave a message in my genealogy forum if you have any information or questions about the photos on this site. Please include photo number for identification. All questions or comments are welcome. Best of luck on your genealogy search.
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